Liberty Technology Advisors Sees Over 200% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads

Liberty Technology Advisors Sees Over 200% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads

New business for LTA was primarily referral driven by previous customers or their technology partners. In order to scale new business revenue, they needed an approach to identify new prospect opportunities directly. Without a brand name like Accenture, the direct outreaches were not effective despite increasing activity.

SmarkLabs worked with the LTA team on a new approach that leveraged their industry expertise to build trust with potential prospects. The approach required a monthly webcast series featuring a 30-minute Q&A session with LTA’s CEO that focused on industry-related topics. The webcast series was an opportunity to gain trust and credibility among new prospects and identify new projects with existing clients.

SmarkLabs designed a promotion strategy around the webcast series that involved three core channels; Email marketing, outbound sales emails, and social media.

200% increase in sales qualified leads
16% increase in total pipeline


Liberty Technology Advisors is a leading ERP and management consultant advisory firm. Expertise includes change management, process engineering, software implementation, vendor selection, and project management. LTA works closely with clients to ensure critical IT applications provide maximum business impact and alignment with organizational objectives.

CodeScience Sees a 280% Increase in Inbound Lead Acquisition

CodeScience Sees a 280% Increase in Inbound Lead Acquisition

Company profile

CodeScience is an industry leader in helping SaaS businesses develop apps and thrive on the Salesforce AppExchange. Founded in 2008 as one of the first Product Development Organizations for Salesforce, CodeScience has built over 100+ apps for clients including SpringCM, Lattice Engines, and MailChimp.


CodeScience came to SmarkLabs seeking a partner to help them craft a strategy to increase the company’s volume of qualified leads. Like many marketing teams, CodeScience’s team was stretched thin managing multiple marketing initiatives and needed expertise and services to stay focused on the objective goals of marketing.


The new, full-funnel marketing engine of CodeScience focuses on integrated and measurable Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns targeting key customer tiers and tactical website upgrades that focused on Conversion-Rate Optimization (CRO). CodeScience is engaging prospects with more targeted outreach and segmented campaigns, utilizing messaging across channels from marketing, SDR and sales team for a unified buyer’s journey.


The joint effort between CodeScience and SmarkLabs led to a 35 percent increase in website traffic, and most importantly, a 280 percent increase in inbound lead acquisition. Within the first three months of the partnership, CodeScience boosted its conversion rate by 66 percent.