Enable Your Sales Team

“Companies with a sales playbook
are 2x as likely to hit their revenue goals”

-Insights Squared

There's a Better Approach to Sales

Engage the right prospects at the right time. Add value through every touchpoint. Advise through consideration resources and consultations. Close with prospect confidence. Let's not complicate the sales process.

Sales Enablement Solutions from SmarkLabs Inbound Communications

Sales Playbook

We develop sales playbooks based on a communications framework built to enable front line sales efforts. It's time to bridge the gap between sales and marketing through alignment that develops buyer demand and optimize revenue acquisition.

Sample Sales Playbook Chapters

Industry insights and resources

Company positioning and communications

Templates for emails and proposals

Buyer persona profiles and the buyers journey

Value added advisory resources

CRM definition and structure

Deal qualification framework aka selling systems

Content mapping

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The Essential Inbound Roadmap
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