3 Things Your SaaS Pricing Page Needs For Higher Conversions

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“Software-as-a-Service” vendors have a unique (and ironic) problem. They are leaders in providing cutting-edge technology to their customers, yet they struggle with one of the most important aspects of their own business:  effectively communicating their pricing.

The pricing page is likely one of the first pages your prospects click on when they are considering a purchase, and certainly the first when they are ready to go through with a purchase. A poorly designed page could lead to a poor interaction with your Sales team. Or, in a worse case scenario, no interaction at all!  Below you will find the top 3 things you must include on your SaaS pricing page in order to convert your prospects into paying clients.

1. Be upfront 

Why beat around the bush? Just advising a prospect to ‘Reach Out’ or ‘Contact Us’ is generally NOT the way to go.  Without transparent pricing, you are sending the wrong message—most likely that your service is too expensive. People do not want to find the solution to their problems only to be let down when they realize they can’t afford it. Share as much information as you can.  If you do this it will encourage people to engage with you, not move on. 

2. Delight prospects with free trials

Cost will always be the elephant in the room, but letting your prospects sample your service is a great way to entice. This is also extremely useful in making SaaS purchases that can often times be an expensive investment. Trying before you buy is one way to delight your prospects. It gives you a change to engage with them during their trial and nurture them into potential satisfied customers.

SaaS companies constantly examine what is and what is not working when it comes to their call to actions. Finding the right look, color and placement of your free content CTA on your page should be considered a priority. If you are going to give it away, make sure that people can find it. 

3. Take Staple’s advise: Make it ‘easy’ to buy with the click of a button 

We have all seen the commercials with the Staple’s ‘Easy’ buttons. Making your services easy to buy seems obvious, but many companies fail to do this. Sometimes the easiest way to do this is by excluding your sales team altogether. 

If your prospect is ready to buy after a demo or halfway through their trial, don’t stand in their way. Give them the option of speaking with Sales, but also give them an easy option to purchase directly. This could be as simple as a click of a button. Think of Staples and how easy they make the shopping experience for their customers: with the click of a button you can instantly purchase an array of products. 

Analyzing the pricing page in detail raises a lot of questions and concerns that may not have been apparent at first glance. Look at your own pricing page and see if some of the above tips could improve it at all. Like discussed before, this page could be the first step for your prospective buyers. Making it as clear and simple as possible will always convert with better success.


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