3 Tips for Creating a Sales Driven Website

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Being serious about sales requires a serious website these days. A website is the quickest way to get your message, produc,t or service out to the public. A potential sale will more often than not take one look at your website and decide right then and there whether or not to do business with you.

The good news is that you don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs to have your message reach the masses. 

Tip #1: Pay attention to SEO 

The keywords you use, your title and image alt tags all play a role in where and how your site ranks compared to others. There are thousands of resources out there that preach SEO best practices, but with Google algorithm changes becoming more and more frequent, it’s hard to keep up. The most important thing to keep in mind right now is to not lose sight of your reader. Keep content reader-friendly; meaning, insert keywords that your prospects would be searching for, but don’t make your content unreadable with too many. This is awkard and will actually result in lower search rankings as Google moves toward improving online content. A sales driven website will follow SEO best practices that attract and convert visitors into leads and move them through the sales funnel. And, for your Sales reps that are successful at social selling, the first stop that their prospects will visit are your website. 

Start here if you need help: this SEO Starter Guide from Google packs a lot of great information in it. 

Tip #2: Create great content

Your content must grab your prospect’s attention and be a great foundation for the rest of the site. A bold headline demands attention right from the beginning and peaks the interest of the reader. The more details the better, but pay attention to the length of your descriptions.  Too wordy and you may lose readers. ‘Short and Sweet’ is a great rule of thumb to go by.

Keeping your content fresh is also a key to a sales driven website’s success. You have to give your readers a reason to check in with you regularly, and static or old content provides no reason for anyone to return consistently. A great way to keep people coming back is to provide great free content. Who doesn’t love anything free?  An eBook, eGuide, white paper, and a frequently updated blog will give anyone who is looking for information a major reason to stop and check you out. Remember: the key to creating great content is to make it educational, informative, and valuable to your prospects. 

Tip #3: Demonstrate authority

Ok, ok, so you have me hooked. I’m in. I’ve visited your sales driven website and like the content. I’ve read the free eBook on why what you do is so awesome, but what now? Why should I trust you? This question is at the heart of any sale no matter the industry. 

This is another instance where great content can help. Your sales driven website should demonstrate your expertise and success with testimonials from some of your customers. It’s always a good idea to have information like a case study ready for prospects to see how you’ve helped other customers. This lets any potential client see you know what you’re doing and validates them placing their trust in you and your company.

Your Sales team needs resources, and in this day in age, those resources start with your website. Follow these tips and your website can help increase lead generation from what, in the end, will not be random Internet traffic, but future relationships to nurture into customers. 


 More information: find out what you need to know about SEO in the eBook below!


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