5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

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5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Every business needs leads to create revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Getting those leads, however, is not so easy.“A lot of getting ‘leads’ has to do with a lifestyle of consistent marketing efforts, a constant cultivation of industry relationships, and the organic mashup of all kinds of interactions, activities, behaviors, and efforts,” says conversion consultant Jeremy Smith of crazyegg.com.
Because leads are so important to a business, finding new ways to generate them is one of the primary goals of B2B marketers. Sometimes, however, it is best to take the tried and true approach and follow in your successful competitor or peer’s footsteps. If you are looking for a way to improve your B2B lead generation, consider implementing one or more of these tactics used by top growth marketers:

Be Consistent in your Message 

Content marketing has taken off as a way to engage your audience and hammer home your message in a format that will hold their interest long enough to be effective. When it comes to content marketing, consistency is key. Chances are your message won’t really start to take hold until your target audience has seen it multiple times, meaning that your blog posts, social media posts, and newsletters all need to be consistent in what they are communicating to your customers. This doesn’t mean you need to be repetitive. It means that you must constantly find new and interesting ways to drive home the same basic points. The more ingrained your audience becomes with your brand’s key message, the more effective all of your lead generation tactics will be.

Install Live Chat on your Website

Having a live chat system in place is equivalent to having a salesman present for every customer that visits your site, 24 hours a day. Best of all, you can program your chat system to automatically engage a customer after a certain amount of inactivity, drawing them back in and generating leads out of a lot of customers who might have otherwise been lost. According to Hubspot, the conversion rate for sites implementing live chat is double those that are not. While installing a chat system on your website may sound complex, programs such as Olark have made it simple, allowing small businesses to make use of a system once only available to large companies.
5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Identify and Address your Customer’s Pain Points

Few things motivate a buyer more than having a problem they need to be addressed. Some of the best B2B marketing strategies revolve around identifying these needs and addressing them both in the content you publish and in the product itself. If you want to ensure that the leads you are generating will be valuable and likely to convert, identify their pain points and lure them in with content that addresses them. Promise a product that addresses their problems even further and you’ve got a sale.

Constantly Test and Evaluate 

Successful B2B lead generation follows a process that looks a lot like the scientific method. You must continually form new strategies, test them, analyze the results, and adjust accordingly. No matter how successful your lead generation tactics are, there is always room for improvement; even the best growth marketers are constantly innovating their methods. Don’t be afraid to try new layouts, different colors, and varied CTAs. Thanks to comprehensive analytics, measuring your results has never been easier. If you start getting more leads, you know what you’re doing is working. If your lead generation slows down, go back to the drawing board.
5 B2B Lead Generation Tactics Used by Top Growth Marketers

Make use of Exit Popups

Exit popups are a little controversial. After all, annoying potential customers certainly isn’t a good business practice. Nevertheless, their effectiveness cannot be disputed. When they are done correctly, exit popups have been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 600%. Controversial or not, it’s hard to scoff at results like that.

Determination and innovation are what bring leads in. There isn’t a magic formula, and the minute advertisers corner the market, technology changes, and everything evolves. People stop signing up for email lists, so leads have to be incentivized. Internet users switch to mobile, so marketers switch to mobile-friendly marketing. Nevertheless, keeping up with these trends can keep your business on the cutting-edge of the B2B market. Growing your brand is all about perseverance, and effective research and groundwork can make all the difference in realizing your potential growth.

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