5 Scary Twitter Secrets From Your B2B Inbound Marketing Agency

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Still struggling to find a last minute Halloween costume? We will turn you into a social media ninja this Halloween! We don’t want to scare you too much, so we’ll concentrate our focus on Twitter here. Here’s what any savvy B2B inbound marketing agency will tell you when it comes to Twitter.

When beginning any major campaign, whether it be a social media campaign or a rolling out a new sales campaign, the key is to hammer out a strategy. You can’t start running; remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. By that we mean that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to reap the benefits of your social media strategy. Ok, we don’t mean this literally. But do be prepared to pour time and effort into your Twitter campaign. You can’t simply post a few tweets, follow a few people, and expect to gain 100 new customers, let alone followers. It doesn’t work like that.
1. Short and sweet tweet.
The sweetest tweet of all is one that is short, to the point, and makes your audience click-through. You’re only given 140 characters to make this happen, so the guidelines are written for you. But this doesn’t only apply to the length of your characters. Think about shortening any URLs you use. Bit.ly is a great (free) software to use for this purpose. Simply copy and paste the URL you want to post into Bit.ly and copy the shortened link back to Twitter. Your potential prospects will be more inclined to click-through because you’ve made it so much easier to read.
2. Don’t scare prospects away by over-tweeting.
Yes, it’s true. You can scare people away by being an over-tweeter. The sweet spot for tweet frequency is between 3 and 4 times a day. Back to secret #1, keep it short and sweet.
3. Death by hashtags.
You can literally kill the effectiveness of a tweet by bombarding it with too many hashtags. The maximum number of hashtags you should be using in any tweet is two. And they should be hashtags that are already trending. This increases the chances that your tweet will be found and followed, or even better, retweeted!
4. Shocking images.
Not all of your images need to be “shocking,” but do make them interesting so that you increase social engagement among potential customers. Images that are informative, eye-catching, easy to understand, etc., all help bring in new followers and potential customers.
5. Don’t be afraid of strangers.
Most of us grew up being told to beware of “stranger danger”. Disregard that haunting rule here. Twitter is a great space to engage with people you don’t know, whether they are potential customers, fellow colleagues or people that share a space in your industry. Be social. Engage by retweeting, commenting, sharing, posting, etc.
Hopefully we haven’t scared you away and you are ready to spring into action and jumpstart your Twitter campaign strategy. One last tip: tweet something Halloween-related this Halloween. You can tie it into your business, but don’t make it too salesy. People love timely tweets that engage around a current event or news story. Happy Tweeting!

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