5 Uniquely Easy Lead Generation Strategies

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They’re unique because they’re easy. We all know that quality leads generated through traditional methods of prospecting can be difficult, and that to come up with new content ideas to keep your website fresh and engaging can get expensive.
What you may not know is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reach quality leads–compelling sales tools can be developed from the content and knowledge you already have.
Below are five unique lead generation strategies that will help achieve two major goals that both sales and marketing can agree on:

  1. Generate quality leads
  2. Move leads efficiently through the buyer’s journey

5 Uniquely Easy Lead Generation Strategies

1) Share your success
Take the opportunity to hog the spotlight and dedicate an article to something you’ve had great success at. Potential leads will be very impressed in how you achieved your goals and other companies experiencing the same growing pains will be inspired by your triumph. These stories can be created in the form of case studies or customer testimonials that help humanize what your company offers. 
People love a good success story, and transparency goes a long way to gain the trust of your readers and develop brand authority. Sometimes that might even mean acknowledging a failure to show how you learned and overcame it and are better for it today.
2) Develop a toolkit
A whitepaper by itself may not grab the attention you’re seeking, but a whitepaper, workbook, and spreadsheet packaged together is a generous value offer for your prospects. You can use toolkits to offer multiple pieces of content related to the same topic.
The nature of inbound marketing is to provide value to your prospects through engaging, educational, and informative content. In return, you receive their contact information to further nurture them through your sales funnel. With that model in mind, we are not suggesting to simply give away free content all the time. But this tactic could serve as an excellent opportunity to nurture leads and re-convert them on other content materials. 
Everyone pushes content out to people, but not everyone offers it for free. Stand out from your competition, nurture leads, generate new leads, and build trust and authority.
3) Create a helpful video
A helpful video, or explainer video as they are commonly referred to, do just that: they help explain a solution to a problem that potential customers face.  
90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Watching a video requires less effort to “digest” than reading a long-winded article and your prospect will retain more of the message.
To generate leads from video, direct prospects to take an action after they’ve watched the video. For example, “schedule a consultation,” or “learn more about this topic by downloading the comprehensive eBook,” etc.
4) Publish pricing
This may be considered taboo in your industry. Or maybe you offer too many different products and services that it’s hard to nail down a single price. That’s ok. But if you present a ballpark estimate of what prospects can expect, you are likely to accomplish a few things:

  • Qualify prospects– if a prospect balks at your pricing, it’s a good indication they weren’t interested in your product anyway.
  • Build trust– people are generally more inclined to dig deeper into a company that is transparent and upfront about their costs.
  • Differentiate from competition– this is especially true if your industry is not one to typically post pricing. You could win a deal over a competitor for simply posting your ballpark pricing estimates.

5) Repurpose off-line content
If you have content that has been used for off-line events and marketing, you can dust it off and re-use it online. Print ads, trade show materials and print articles that contain valuable, timeless information are great offerings for your website.
A few edits and reformatting go a long way to breathe new life into evergreen content.
*That said, you can also repurpose existing content to make it fresh, add a new spin, or publish it to a new audience. All of which will help generate and nurture new leads.
There you have it, five uniquely easy ways to generate more qualified leads. We get bogged down in the monotony of content available to us today and struggle to think outside the box. Sometimes, however, thinking outside of the box is actually thinking in the most basic terms. It doesn’t take a lot of research or brainstorming to publish your pricing, for example. But the return on this simple task can have a large impact that may not have been achieved through a simple blog article or eBook download. The key is to mix it up, always be helping prospects, and track what works over time.

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