Building a Company Sales Culture For Growth Should Be a Priority

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An increase in the need for sales and marketing alignment within successful companies has prompted a stronger push for building a company culture around growth. Company culture isn’t just for the cool tech startup; it should be engrained in the mission and values of every organization that is looking ahead to future growth.

Building a company sales culture for growth—both internally and externally—doesn’t happen overnight. It takes collaboration and contribution from the entire organization to make it a success.

Ian Altman, contributor to Forbes, understands the need that every department plays in building a strong, sustainable company culture around growth. In a recent article published on, Altman lists the 3 steps it takes to build a sales culture. Here’s a brief overview.

Step 1: Culture is an organization-wide mission

Building a company culture of sales doesn’t come from the top-down, or from a certain department or division. It should be a core value of the company, and should be a collaborative effort. Altman encourages you to ask employees for their opinion of what makes a great sales culture. This way, everyone’s voice is heard, and employees feel included and more willing to contribute to the company culture.

Step 2: Define where your company adds the greatest value

This applies to both your customers and your employees. A great culture is built on both happy customers and happy employees. So work with all departments to determine where you add the greatest value—this is where you not only find out what you’re doing right, but what you’re doing wrong as well.

Step 3: Company culture is a collaborative effort

As Altman mentions, when building a sales culture, every department should be involved—from the CEO to the HR department; not just sales and marketing. HR is especially important because as they face a shifting workforce and an increased need for talented employees, recruitment becomes their number one priority. It’s hard to recruit top talent to companies that don’t make culture a priority.

Start laying the foundation for a sustainable sales culture today with an employee-wide initiative. Happy employees will create happy customers, and this is the key to a sustainable culture of sales growth.

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