Consider these LinkedIn Content Ideas to Expand your Reach

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Are you looking for new ways to expand your reach on LinkedIn that don’t involve a significant amount of time or financial resources?

LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Events, and LinkedIn Newsletters are worthy features to consider for promoting the content you already have.

Creator Mode

LinkedIn allows you to make a simple change to your profile, enabling you to access new capabilities. Creator mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that can help you grow your reach and influence on LinkedIn. By turning on creator mode, you can access additional tools and features that help you create content and grow your audience base on LinkedIn. A massive benefit to Creator mode is the ability to utilize creator analytics which provides aggregate analytics to show how your content portfolio performs over time. Creator mode allows you to use previously unavailable tools, such as LinkedIn Newsletter and LinkedIn Live.

LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events helps organizations deepen relationships with target audiences by bringing their professional community together via a closed and invitation-driven event on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Events can be utilized to reach many different goals. Some top content ideas that see the most success include community and brand-building events, conferences, targeted-audience events, and talent branding. As home to the world’s largest professional community, LinkedIn offers the features and ecosystem to make any event a success.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live helps organizations drive unprecedented reach and brand awareness by bringing their professional community together via a public and discoverable event on LinkedIn. The first step to utilizing these powerful tools is to apply for access. LinkedIn Live turns the challenge of digital events into opportunities to reach and engage with your audience more widely than ever before.

LinkedIn Events vs. LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Events are the best option if your goal is to build a community through sustained quality engagement. LinkedIn Events can be planned weeks or months in advance, with opportunities to engage your audience before, during, and after your event. Your event’s unique URL can be shared through multiple channels, making LinkedIn Events an excellent option for reaching targeted audiences you want to engage with more deeply. LinkedIn Events live streams are private to attendees, and your attendee list is viewable.

LinkedIn Live by itself is a good option when striving to achieve top-of-funnel goals like brand awareness and reach. Your live broadcast is available to anyone on LinkedIn and will be aired publicly. Since your Page followers are most likely to view it, each broadcast triggers a notification to a subset of your followers. It is a best practice to stick with content topics that you know will appeal to your existing LinkedIn audience. When using LinkedIn Live on its own, you can engage with attendees during the event but cannot view the attendee list.

You can host events in a trusted, end-to-end environment by combining both tools. LinkedIn Live Events offer a safe environment that is a one-stop-shop for attendees. You will now be capable of engaging your audience before, during, and after your event with a product created for a low-friction, high-attendee experience.

LinkedIn Newsletter

By leveraging LinkedIn Newsletter, you can regularly discuss professional topics you’re passionate about. Other LinkedIn members can then subscribe to your newsletter and are notified about newly published articles, allowing you to build and grow your regularly engaged audience.

By starting a newsletter on LinkedIn, you can engage your audience from the minute you publish. LinkedIn makes it easy to invite all your connections or followers to subscribe when you create a newsletter. Also, after publishing each newsletter article, push, in-app, and email notifications are sent to all your subscribers to help drive views. You’ll get real-time feedback and comments from your readers, and you can understand how your content is doing with analytics.


With tools like LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Events, and LinkedIn Newsletters, you can expand your reach without adding a significant amount of new resources. Become a true LinkedIn Creator and share your content regularly within your professional community. Before you know it, you will be regarded as a business that can share expertise and ignite conversations about ideas and experiences.

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