Content Distribution is More Important Than Content Creation

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Content Distribution More Important Than Content Creation | SmarkLabs

Content distribution has replaced content creation as the most important marketing goal. While “content is king” has been a buzzword for the last few years, savvy marketers have realized that distribution is the biggest challenge facing content creators today.

Even stellar messaging is virtually useless if no one reads it, and with volumes of fresh content being produced every day, attracting the attention of your target prospects is an uphill battle.


While outstanding content still matters, it’s not enough. Getting content shared on social media, recommended to friends and sent out through newsletters to a targeted readership have become priorities, but with so much noise out there, how can you break through and make sure your message is heard?

Use Influencer Marketing Strategies

One of the emerging and effective methods to improve distribution is to implement an influencer marketing strategy.

What is an influencer marketing strategy? It’s making connections with thought leaders, top bloggers and business experts who are already communicating with your target audience. Aligning with these professionals will get you in front of a larger audience and build your business faster.

People want to do business with someone they know and trust, and to find these companies, they rely on recommendations from friends and other reliable sources. When reputable people endorse your product or service it makes a bigger impact than advertising in motivating a purchase decision. 

How do you implement an influencer marketing strategy?

Find the right influencers

Keep in mind your ultimate goal is to reach your target audience. Defining your target audience will lead you to the right influencers for your content distribution.

Once you have profiled the audience you want, you can do some research to determine which influencers they consider when making decisions. This is an investigative mission to discover conversations taking place on social media and see who is participating. You can also search keywords to find out who is sharing and contributing.

Make the connection

If you’ve ever received a form email soliciting your business, you know how ineffective they can be. You probably sent it to the trash before you finished reading the first line. Don’t imagine that your boilerplate approach will work any better. Influencers are pitched numerous times a day, and if you want to make the connection, you need to make your approach personal.

Read or watch what they post, then make an intelligent, meaningful comment. Everyone appreciates genuine engagement and by taking the time to get to know and understand your target influencer, you’ll be in a much stronger position to establish a relationship.

Pay attention to the channels they use and engage with them, offering insights or ideas that build off relevant discussions. See them as real people, not just business icons, and interact the way you would if you met them in person, with consideration and warmth.

Clarify your objectives

What is your overall goal? What do you want from your influencers and what are you willing to give?

After you’ve developed a relationship, be specific about your intentions. Look for ways to benefit both of you and help you achieve your goals while they achieve theirs. This is impossible if you don’t know what your goals are, to begin with, so make sure your company is clear about them and that everyone is on board.


Share your content

If content distribution is your goal, the next step is to share your content with your influencers. It’s the best way for them to get to know your company and your point of view. If your content resonates, they might share it with their audience. However, regardless of whether or not they do, they’ll still gain a better understanding of you and your expertise.

Review your progress

Keep track of your contacts, connections, and approaches. Review the successes and analyze the places where they fell short, and use that information to reach out to new influencers and polish your technique.

Getting the right influencer marketing strategies in place can give your content distribution efforts the boost they need to reach your business prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

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