How Sales and Marketing Alignment Results In More Wins [Infographic]

by | Marketing Strategy, Sales Enablement

If there’s something that all sales managers struggle with, it’s ensuring their reps make quota. And most reps–a whopping 67%–struggle with it.
Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to fix that problem.

However, as this infographic from Salesforce highlights, a 25% quota achievement and 15% win rate can be achieved from doing one easy thing: align your Sales and Marketing teams!
When Sales and Marketing are aligned, great things happen.
Align your teams today and start building a predictable growth engine. Predictable growth happens when Sales and Marketing work together on the following:

  • Strategy
  • Revenue contribution
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) that specifically outlines each team’s contribution to producing MQL’s, SQL’s, and Opportunities
  • Content creation

Sales and marketing alignment begins with SMART goals.  Download your worksheet below.

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