How the Right Overview Video Can Be Your #1 Sales Tool

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How the Right Overview Video Can Be Your #1 Sales Tool

Did you know four times as many people would rather watch video about a service or product than read a blog or article about it?

That same study found one in four prospects will lose interest in a company if it does NOT include video. So what does this mean for your sales campaign? If you are in an industry that places value on a great introduction, technical expertise or customer follow up, overview videos will certainly add incredible and otherwise unachievable value. Here are just a few of the reasons that a well made overview video can be your number one sales tool.

A Proven Attractor

Whether you are targeting B2B or B2C markets, around 60% of marketers have already rated the intro video as a useful tool. You can also use video in email as an attractive asset: If your email subject line has the word “video” in it, clickthrough rates have been shown to increase by 65%, with open rates improving by 19%.

Consumers Love Video

We live in a visual society. HubSpot surveyed a list of diverse consumers, 55% of whom consume video thoroughly as opposed to just skimming through it. Video comes in first ahead of social media posts as the number one form of content that people pay close attention to. For marketers, this means strong uptake for a message, which may reduce the cost of branding the campaign in the mind of the consumer.
Mobile is especially important to consider. As more commerce moves into the mobile space, video will become even more important. People tend to multitask when they are on mobile phones, so it is very important to engage them through multiple senses. Video is the only commercial marketing tool that can do this effectively. Currently, over 50% of all video Internet plays come from mobile devices. This trend has been increasing year after year, and with emerging markets opening up around the world, there is still more room to grow.

More Information, Less Time

Since 2013, the average human attention span was recorded by Microsoft to be less than a goldfish, which is 9 seconds. With less time than ever to attract the attention of a potential consumer, every second makes a difference. Video is the best way to make the most of that small, and some say still shrinking timespan.
At least 74% of all traffic on the Internet will be represented by video content in 2017. If you have yet to implement video content into your marketing strategy, now is the time. Prioritizing all types of video – overviews, live video, 360-degree video, etc. – will become increasingly important for any brand that is looking to grow in the modern business landscape.’

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