How to Align with an Inbound Marketing Agency

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If you’ve been considering hiring on an inbound marketing/sales agency, there couldn’t be a better time. As consumer behavior changes, some agencies across the country are beginning to follow suit. Though most agencies continue to operate on a billable hours model or a points-based model, some agencies are making room for more results-driven, value-based models.
These agencies are starting to see the bigger picture. They’re learning to think past one-off campaigns and deliverables as their sole purpose, as that simply isn’t the model businesses are looking for in an agency. Instead, these agencies are focusing on how they can impact your bottom line, and how to reach your potential customers with the information they want, where and when they want it.
And this is great news for you, because of an inbound marketing agency like this, responsible for reaching a marketing quota, will have a vested interest in your success. Of course, to see that success, you’ll need to work to align with your agency. Here’s how to do just that.
alinging with an inbound marketing agency
Align Around Your Goals
First and foremost, you and your agency should align around your goals. What are your revenue targets? How many customers will you need to hit those targets? How many leads will your agency need to generate to convert that many customers? What other goals do you have?
alinging with an inbound marketing agency
Align Around Results & Analytics
You should also align around results, supported by analytics. Is your agency getting you the results to reach your goals? Are you meeting your end of the bargain? This is where a marketing quota comes into play, as well as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Smarketing (Sales+Marketing) meetings.
alinging with an inbound marketing agency
Align Around Your Funnel
Your entire funnel, that is. Set goals for traffic generation, lead generation, lead-to-customer conversions, and everything in between. Align around the process of nurturing leads from the top to the middle, to the bottom of your Sales Funnel.
alinging with an inbound marketing agency
Align Around Training
Additionally, your agency should take the time to train you and your staff on the inbound methodology and best practices, so you can all be on the same page when discussing goals and plans. If you have the option, have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Sales and Marketing Labs.
alinging with an inbound marketing agency Align Around Processes
Creating processes and planning ahead is essential to an effective inbound strategy. With your agency, be sure to look to the future and organize your campaigns through an inbound roadmap, as well as a content calendar. These will enable the management of multiple moving pieces at once.
alinging with an inbound marketing agency
Align Around Deliverables
Lastly, align around your deliverables: the educational and remarkable content you and your agency will produce for your target audience. Get on the same page about what your buyer personas need, what sorts of content is most appealing to them, and where they find their information.

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