How to Apply Inbound Marketing to Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

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Do you guys remember that ice bucket challenge that took the country by storm this summer? Whether you are a medical billing company, a patient advocate group, or a healthcare IT company, you can simply look at the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to see the benefits of implementing inbound marketing strategies. In about two months, the Challenge raised over $100 million—a stark contrast from last year at the same time when the ALS Association had raised only $2.8 million.

We all know the campaign was a huge success, but why? Due to the use of different social media channels, what started as a small campaign by a former college athlete battling ALS turned into a viral success bringing both awareness and funding to the cause.
This is just one example of how impactful the use of inbound marketing strategies can be for your business. You plant the seed, and you let your marketing strategies take it from there.
But where do you start? Here are a few basic tips on getting started with a great inbound campaign that can transform your healthcare marketing plan:

  • Content is King. Become an authority in what you do and don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and experience with your followers who could turn into potential customers. If your goal is to get your medical billing software into physician’s offices, then draft guides, eBooks, blogs, white papers, or even an explainer video that highlights the benefits that improved patient payment systems can have for doctors.
  • Distribution is Queen. Creating great content isn’t enough. You have to get that great content to the right audience. Find out where your target audience hangs out; find out their watering holes. You can do this by identifying where the practice office manager that you’re targeting is getting his/her news everyday. Are they already reading blogs? Do they subscribe to certain mailings? Do they spend most of their time on Twitter or LinkedIn? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you target your plan to make sure that amazing content you created gets in the hands of the right people!
  • Track and Measure. This may seem straightforward, but so many businesses put time into drafting campaigns and getting them out there without really knowing their impact. Track who is reading your materials on social media, email campaigns, website traffic, etc. Then measure this information and identify sources that could be potential leads.


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