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It is one of the greatest challenges many companies face: coordinating the efforts of marketing and sales teams. Nevertheless, the benefits of aligning your sales and marketing teams are immense.

Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to integrate their work. The process is designed to identify likely customers so your marketing team will deliver more qualified sales leads to your sales team. In turn, it monitors the process to determine and correct the cause of low sales. Follow these five steps to implement your own inbound marketing campaign, and integrate the work of your sales and marketing teams.
Create Excellent Content
Inbound marketing begins with great content. Not many people will contact a company before some initial online research. Even in the medical industry, doctors and healthcare executives are using digital technology more often. Therefore, in order to reach them, you must offer useful, informative content, like blogs, free e-books, and instructional videos.
Enhance Your Online Visibility
Content is good, but if you fail to attract potential customers, your inbound marketing campaign will fail your sales team. Keep in mind, medical professionals have very little time as it is, so they are unlikely to spend much of it searching the internet. You must be easily found. So enhance your digital profile by using optimizing keywords in your content and social media to share your content around the web.
Convert Prospective Customers to Leads
As prospective customers access your content, you want to gather information about them and gauge their level of interest. This begins with a landing page that allows potential customers to share their contact information and interests with you. Prospects indicate greater interest by returning to your site to access the content you offer. When you have identified those prospects who have shown sustained interest, turn them over to your sales team.
Convert Leads to Customers
At this point, it falls to your sales team to close the deal.  But marketing can arm sales professionals with relevant sales tools that help move the deal forward. The benefit is that you have delivered qualified leads to them, so they should prove more efficient. Your efforts will save them time and effort.
Monitor and Adjust the Process
Finally, it is important to constantly monitor the previous steps in your marketing campaign so you can identify bottlenecks. If your prospects are finding your site but not returning, you may need to evaluate the quality of your content. If no one is finding your site, you may need to work harder at search engine optimization.  If the sales process is stuck then create content like case studies to help with progression. Whatever the cause, inbound marketing will enable you to identify it and fix it.
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