Leverage LinkedIn To Generate More Leads With These 7 Hacks

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LinkedIn has skyrocketed in popularity to become one of the most important B2B social media tools. The ability to network and prospect using this social media rockstar is comparable to no other platform. Business professionals in all industries are harnessing its power. But, are you using it to its full potential?

There are a number of LinkedIn tips and hints often go unused. Here is a list of 7 hacks to help you leverage LinkedIn to generate more leads for your business.

  1. Rearrange your profile

LinkedIn lets you decide which elements of your profile you want people to be able to view, as well as what order they view them in. This is really great because it allows you to customize your profile and make it stand out from others. You can add entire sections to your profile that have to do with your job or industry. For example, LinkedIn lets you add a section for “Patents,” in which you can show which patients you have received, as well as a section for “Certifications,” that highlights certifications and licenses you have achieved. Those are just a few of the possible additions to your profile.

  1. Customize your profile URL

Each LinkedIn member has a specific profile URL associated with their account. You can customize yours to read www.linkedin.com/yourname instead of it being random. This is a fun hack that makes it easier for you to share your profile with others.

  1. Update your profile for SEO

If you want to rank for something specific, simply add keywords around that on your profile page. You can add these keywords in your headline, job title, or summary on your profile.

  1. Find new connections

Finding new connections on LinkedIn is easy. By syncing your email account, LinkedIn offers suggested contacts for you. You simply go to Connections and select Add Connections to get started.

  1. Groups, groups, groups!

Being an active member in LinkedIn Groups is essential to building a strong professional network. You know this already. But did you know that one of the added perks of being in a group is the ability to bypass being connected to another member in order to message them? You can also view other group members’ profiles without being connected. How cool is that? Join as many groups as you can that are relevant for your job and industry and interact with other members.

  1. Start your own group

Working in LinkedIn groups can be a bit tricky because they are self-moderated and each group has its own set of rules. General rule of thumb, though: most groups do not support content to be shared that is directly related to your business, product, or services. To bypass this minor bump and get some of your original content shared, one option is to create your own group. Make it something relevant to your industry. For example, if you provide medical software for physician practices, start a group related to Health IT. Post your own original content, like blogs, white papers, etc., but also industry news and updates.

  1. Use Pulse as your personal newsfeed

Pulse is a tool within LinkedIn that curates the latest industry news for you. You select a few influencers (which are recommended for you) and you get instant updates on their latest postings. Another tool in LinkedIn that makes your life just a little bit easier.

While these are only a few of the possibilities you should explore in LinkedIn, they are a good place to get started making the most of your activity. LinkedIn generates 43% of B2B companies’ social media leads, according to HubSpot. Are you using the power of LinkedIn to generate leads for your business?
These 7 tips are only the tip of the iceberg. Learn how to generate more leads by creating a stellar LinkedIn page below!

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