Modern Sales Email Tips: Write Emails that Engage Prospects

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There are over 182 million emails written daily. Just like the “do not call lists,” prospects are getting better and better at blocking sales emails out. Prospects are more risk adverse than ever before. Modern sales leaders need to adjust how they communicate with prospects to have a better chance of gaining their trust and winning their business.
Sales is more than a science of numbers, it’s an art that requires stellar communication.  We’ve come up with some sales email tips for writing high performance emails that convert.

Focus on the subject line
Too many sales professionals scrutinize over the body of their email when only 30% of emails actually get opened. Instead, spend at least 50% of the time on the subject line.  Include the reason and even personalize the subject line to make it stand out. For example, “Joe from accounting suggested I contact you.”
Be different
Formal intros look like copy and paste templates and can quickly get deleted. Instead of “Dear” or “To Whom this may concern,” use informal friendly language like “hi” or “hello.”
Don’t look like a monkey
Along the lines of different, personalize your email as much as you can.  Use their name, mention their company or their latest product launch or company announcement.
Share something valuable
Use cocktail party rules when sending an email. Don’t just talk about what you want. Share something relevant to the discussion, such as the latest eguide or video that engages the prospect. Content that converts is useful, informative, and valuable to your prospects.
You’re not an author
Keep emails simple and make the call to action clear. Emails are not the time to sell and close the deal, especially in just one email.  Leave some mystery in your messages that entice the prospect to take the next step.
Avoid the fancy talk
It’s easy to try to impress with fancy vocab or industry jargon, but in most cases it’s the humble email that wins. Any confusion in the email will likely be deleted.
Don’t talk about yourself
“I’m a MD and have 20 years experience helping over 5,000 customers increase revenue,” blah, blah, blah.  Your prospects are not impressed. Instead, engage them with a humble email that says you’ve done your homework.
Be human
Face-to-face sales is not as popular as it used to be, but we still need to be human. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile or your latest blog post in your signature line. Something that clearly says there is a real person behind the email.
Avoid Monday emails
Monday is the highest email traffic day of the week, especially between 12pm-2pm. Schedule emails before or after to increase your open rate. Also, holidays are actually better email open days due to low traffic and the ability to open email via mobile phones.
Bottom line: don’t just be a salesperson; be a human being. Prospects award business to salespeople that are helpful, knowledgeable, and genuine. Email communication is likely your first impression with your prospects. So show them who you are and give valuable insights about their business or industry that make them want to contact you.
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