SmarkLabs Launches Sales-Development-as-a-Service

by | Sales Enablement

One of the biggest challenges for inbound marketers is converting their hard earned inbound leads into sales opportunities.

To help with this problem, SmarkLabs is launching its Sales Development-as-a-Service for inbound marketers, a plug-in service designed to accelerate the process of converting leads into sales opportunities.
SmarkLabs’ SDaaS acts as a staff augmentation service, providing a sales development team to act as an extension of a client’s marketing and sales team to assist with sales efforts.
“Many emerging B2B companies struggle with connecting inbound marketing to their sales efforts. The sales development role accelerates middle funnel conversions,” said Brendan Flanigan, CEO of SmarkLabs. “Put simply, these roles get the conversation going with buyers who are actually interested in learning more because there is a problem to be solved.”
SmarkLabs’ SDaaS turns a client’s “cold” leads into opportunities by calling inbound leads, running outbound call and email sequences, and interpreting data to convert timely sales opportunities.
Three existing clients used the beta model of SmarkLabs’ SDaaS plug-in over the past six months. All three companies experienced at least a 70 percent increase in sales opportunities during the first 60-90 days.

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