Social Sellers Are 79% More Effective, Here’s Why [Infographic]

by | Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Savvy Sales teams know the importance of embarking on a social selling strategy. What they often don’t know is where to begin. 
This infographic from Sales For Life outlines some pretty important key points for Sales teams looking to adopt social selling strategies:

  • Top traits of social sellers
  • Where social sellers are spending their time- which social networks they’re using
  • Success metrics of social sellers
  • Roadmap for social selling success on LinkedIn

Social selling is the new way to sell. Thanks to buyer’s who are more risk adverse and are already over halfway through the buyer’s journey by the time you make contact with them, it is essential to adapt new techniques for meaningful engagement with the right prospects.
So put down the phone and open your LinkedIn or Twitter profile to being selling the right way–the smart way.
For more Sales tips, download the LeadGen Guide below.

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