Ten Creative Ways to Start B2B Blogging Like a Pro

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You want to start utilizing blogs in your content marketing strategy to be more effective at inbound marketing. You’ve seen the facts, and they don’t lie. You know that B2B blogging is an effective strategy in generating more leads and converting more leads to customers. The only problem: where do you start?!
Seriously, for some of us that aren’t natural-born writers (or maybe even for those of us that are), the idea of jotting down useful, relevant, remarkable content to attract customers seems slightly intimidating. Our best advice is to JUST START WRITING. Start with a main idea or topic you want to cover, jot down some key points that will support it, and then go back and polish it up—aka add more words to create sentences that create paragraphs. Flashback to English 101? We’ll leave it at that.

And if you’re still struggling to just start writing, here are some crazy ideas to get the pen to the paper (or the fingers to the keys):

  1. Explain something. Take a topic that may be new to your reader, or a topic that is hard to understand, and effectively “dumb it down”. Give them the scoop in layman’s terms.
  2. Case study. Everybody likes a good case study to prove a point and give evidence of something either succeeding or failing.
  3. Data driven. Give them the facts, stats, numbers, quotes. Maybe even try to shock them with some outrageous data (outrageous meaning shocking, not false—keep it real).
  4. Comparison study. Compare two products/services/ideas. Take either an unbiased stance that is purely informative, or rope in your own business somehow to show how one side is more favorable than the other.
  5. How-to. Example: How To Effectively Market to Physicians. People love how-to’s because they’re simple, easy-to-read, and straight to the point. Give expert tips and maybe some example stories.
  6. How NOT to. Five Reasons the Doctor Won’t See You.
  7. Q&A. Conduct a question and answer session with an influencer in your industry.
  8. Catchy. Capture their attention with a shocking headline: Why You’ve Been Wasting Your Time Selling to Physicians.
  9. Guide. Similar to explaining something or a how-to, just a bit longer. Write a blog post about the topic of your guide, then attach your guide that delves a bit further into the subject matter as a call-to-action.
  10. Skeptical. Take a controversial stance on something.

No matter what blogging tactic you decide to use or how you formulate your ideas, just remember that you’re writing with your customer in mind. Ask yourself if what you’ve written down will be relevant and useful to them. Is your content remarkable?

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