The Value of a Pricing Page

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The Value of a Pricing Page | SmarkLabs

The idea of putting a pricing page on your website may be off-putting to some colleagues, as some think it will take away the incentive for a prospective customer to send an email or make a phone call requesting more information about your products or services.

But whether you’re shopping in a brick and mortar store or online, being able to see the price of a product or service is a natural part of any buying decision. It’s almost as if we’re trained to look for pricing when we’re making a buying decision.
Including a pricing page on your website will prove to be a valuable asset and important to your sales strategy as leads move further down the funnel.
During the consideration and decision stages, leads are going to be looking at your pricing page. At this point, you’ve essentially started the purchasing conversation by showing the prices of the products or services you offer. A well-designed pricing page sets expectations for a prospective buyer.
On the other hand, just having a pricing page isn’t enough. One that’s poorly designed or confusing is likely to drive customers away.
The best pricing pages have clean layouts, use simple language that speaks to the customer, and aim to inspire trust between the business and the user.
Additionally, a pricing page can serve as a way to bolster your SEO efforts. Researching terms and phrases in your industry related to “cost” or “price” can yield some golden opportunities to rank for in search engines. According to HubSpot, you can garner easy SEO wins by creating a pricing page and optimizing for these terms, and even including free offers to capture that qualified traffic and engage them in a sales conversation.

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