3 Super Easy Tips For Increasing Webinar Registration

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We live in a busy world these days. It’s hard to grab anyone’s attention, let alone your prospects.

So how are you going to promote your upcoming webinar AND get people to sign up? These webinar tips will help you promote smarter to boost registration and attendance.

1. Email people when they will actually read it

Understanding when your emails will succeed really plays a huge role in this process.  Everyone’s business is different, but according to recent research from HubSpot, most emails are read early in the week. Monday through Wednesday many people are back at work and receptive to your invitations.  By the end of the week, you may have missed your chance to connect with prospects because they are already tuned out and burnt out from the week’s activities.

Takeaway: Send a webinar registration email either Monday or Tuesday one week and see how much better it performs.

2. Give your audience variety

Spice things up. Different types of emails at different times of the day or week can yield greater results. It lets the reader know this event is a big deal and not to be missed. Extending the promotional period of your webinar over a month will increase your chances of registrations. Your prospect may have been busy the day your first email went out and missed it completely. Sending a second, third or even fourth email in a different format or message will increase the likelihood they see it, and sign-up.

 3. Shake up the message

This time it’s a good idea to vary the actual content you are emailing people, not just the type of email. Show a different personality or tone. What may not originally appeal to someone could change. It’s the tried and true method of A/B testing in email marketing. Send two different emails and see which one performs better. Then you can tailor your next emails more effectively.

You will generate more leads by using these tips for increasing webinar registration. Lots of companies spend a great deal of time and effort concerning themselves with how the webinar will be presented and forget about how it is delivered.  This invite is in many cases someone’s first impression of you. Be sure you present your message in the best way possible.  Try to include some of the below in your promotional content to encourage prospects to sign-up:

  • Address a problem
  • Excite the audience with challenging facts
  • Sell a benefit—what will they walk away knowing?

These 3 selling points will peak your prospects’ curiosities and drive more registrations. You must sell the benefit of your webinar in order to encourage people to sign-up. After all, we are all busy. Why should they take time out of their day to listen to what you have to say?


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