6 Hubspot Integrations for B2B Businesses to Try

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Isn’t nice when everything you need is in one place? With the abundant amount of marketing tools and technologies businesses can use nowadays, it sometimes gets overwhelming keeping track of every single one. For this reason, HubSpot created a centralized platform, allowing for the integration and direct use of over 500 third-party apps from a single HubSpot account. With more than 1 million downloads across HubSpot’s app ecosystem in the past year, Hubspot integrations are a popular way for organizations to enhance all aspects of their business, no matter what software they use.

The Value Behind Integrations

Using integrations helps companies differentiate themselves and build additional service offerings beyond the functionality of core HubSpot products. Integrations are also extremely valuable for marketers. Imagine all of your channels, contacts, analytics, solutions (and more) living under one roof. With the benefit of easy, aggregated access, you get a complete overview of all your marketing platforms. Plus, the added advantage of overall improvements with your marketing operations.
In addition, HubSpot has partnered with hundreds of third-party applications that businesses can use in their daily operations. While it’s great to have so many options, how do you decide which ones are the best structural fit for your business? 
Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here are six HubSpot Integrations we recommend for B2B businesses.

Our 6 Recommended Hubspot Integrations for B2B Businesses


Clearbit is an excellent tool for data enrichment. The Clearbit integration goes through a business’s contact data to enhance accuracy and pull specific information relevant to customers and leads. Then, Clearbit works to increase lead conversion using this data. With features like form shortening and marketing automation, this enables B2B businesses to focus only on their best leads. 


The Vidyard HubSpot integration allows you to gather insights about your audience through video engagements and interactions. Whenever a viewer can be identified, your contact records automatically receives any information about them. Vidyard and HubSpot work together to understand who your viewers are and what videos they watch so you can better optimize, automate, and personalize your marketing and sales efforts.


When you’re prospecting, it’s essential to know the business structure of your potential clients. OrgChartHub helps B2B businesses build and store customer organization charts for each of their accounts using features like heatmaps, customized contact cards, sales personas, and more. As a result, OrgChartHub approves businesses’ strategies to win accounts and close more deals.


Think about the number of emails your organization sends every day. Yeah, it’s a lot. Sigstr capitalizes on email reach by providing promotional content in employees’ email signatures, allowing personalization and customization based on the recipient. The Sigstr integration then enables businesses to track conversions through their Sigstr campaigns and automatically transfer contacts to their Hubspot records.


Need a way to gain more referrals or survey feedback? Easily incentivize by automating rewards with Rybbon’s integration. Rybbon allows automatic e-gifting through HubSpot’s workflow feature so businesses can send digital thank you gifts to recipients.

LinkedIn Ads

You may already know that you can effortlessly manage and analyze your LinkedIn ads with HubSpot’s ad tools. But did you also know connecting your LinkedIn ads with HubSpot allows for syncing leads and creating audiences between the two platforms? With your LinkedIn ads managed in the same place as the rest of your marketing, you can create a consistent narrative for your customers and align your LinkedIn Ads with other client touchpoints.
If any of these recommendations sound like they would be beneficial for your business, you can learn more about connecting them to your HubSpot platform. 
Your options aren’t limited to just this list. There are many HubSpot Integrations you can try, including current applications that your business may already be using. To view the complete list of Hubspot Integrations, visit HubSpot’s App Marketplace and get started with the benefits of integrating.

Get more out of your HubSpot investment. As certified HubSpot experts, we provide the support and consultation you need to maximize your Hubspot account. Drop us a line and let’s get started!

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