How Using Videos Improves Your Sales Growth Efforts

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Show, don’t tell.
This will be the key to breaking through all the noise and getting in front of your prospects in the future of sales and marketing.
Because the way that buyers make purchasing decisions has changed, marketers and sales reps are looking for new ways of interacting with them in an attempt to stand out from their competition and increase growth efforts.
The answer? Video marketing.

Video marketing is the future of content marketing, not to mention it’s a great way to get in front of your prospects. Videos, explainer videos in particular, provide sales with a tool they can use to educate their prospects before they even meet them face-to-face. Using a video is also a great way to pre-qualify a prospect. If they watched your video explaining what your business does and followed the prompt to contact you on your website, you already know that they are interested.
As readers of The Challenger Sale know, the enlightening sales process book from CEB provides data-backed evidence of the evolved buying process. Prospects are more educated than ever. The average buyer is more than 50% of the way through the purchasing process by the time they have their first contact with a vendor. That leaves little time for sales to make an impression. The best way to get in front of your prospects quickly and effectively is through a video.
When it comes to video marketing, the shorter the better is generally the rule of thumb. In a study from Wistia, a video marketing platform, videos that were between 0-30 seconds had the highest percentage of viewers. Followed by videos 30-60 seconds long. This is also optimal length for explainer videos, which are the preferred video types to use as a sales tool.
So, how can videos help your sales growth efforts?
Videos get you in front of your prospects in a way that stands out. Everyone reads the newspaper, blogs, articles, social media posts, and eBooks everyday. These all start to flow together eventually. What really makes an impression that lasts is a video that is entertaining and informative at the same time. Don’t just tell them about what you do, show them.
Using videos, especially explainer videos, will help you make that critical first step in the sales process and improve your sales growth efforts. Learn more about what other types of videos you can use to engage with your prospects here.

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