Why You Need an Explainer Video in Your Marketing Strategy

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According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. But how do you know when to use video and which versions are the right ones? As the trend for video content continues to grow, one of the most popular video types to emerge is the explainer video.
Just like regular marketing content, this specific type of video allows your target audience to receive more information about your products at the right place and at the right time. Let’s take a look further into how explainer videos work with your marketing strategy to help push audiences along their buyer journey.

Explainer Videos Explained

A straightforward explanation is sometimes the only thing a buyer needs to better understand how your product works. Explainer videos make this possible  — all in under one minute! 
Generally, explainer videos are around 30-90 seconds in length (averaging about 200 words in a script). They are educational with simple, straight-forward messaging that additionally captivates your audience using interesting visuals and animation. Think of them as a perfect sales pitch that’s just using a new medium to inform your audience.
An essential element of an explainer video is letting the viewer know what solution you offer, how it helps your customer, and why it’s the best option. By focusing on the viewers’ problems, the audience can more easily identify and envision themselves with the product. Take a look at an example below!

You can also find more additional examples of explainer videos here.

Explainer Videos As Part of Your Marketing Strategy


The best time to introduce an explainer video is in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. This is the stage where buyers have identified their problem and begin researching the best solution. 
An informed buyer will scope out all of their potential options — including your competitors. With an explainer video, you are putting the information buyers seek front and center to further educate themselves on how your solution fills their needs. These videos not only nurture these potential leads but leave a lasting impression on buyers, making you more a memorable alternative when it comes to the decision stage.


 As buyers search for information about your products, you want to make sure that information is available to them in the right place. This is why the best place to put an explainer video is on your website. SmarkLab’s Creative Specialist, Cameron Carney, elaborates more on why:
“As soon a someone hits your website, you only have a few seconds to hook them and catch their attention. A video is more likely to keep visitors intrigued and engaged on your website. To further combat people’s short attention span, using a quick, concise video, like an explainer video, additionally keeps visitors interested.”


In addition to informing and helping potential customers complete their buyer’s journey, explainer videos also help with the following:

  • Brand recognition & awareness

Your explainer video should match your brand tone and guidelines, especially when dealing with the script and animation style. While these videos elaborate more on products, viewers will also get a preview of who you are a brand. Use video tone and style to make a statement and have you stand out from the rest.

  • Improved engagement 

According to recent Hubspot research, video is the most preferred form of content, and people enjoy entertaining and informative video content most. Because explainer videos are some of the most well-received content, they can also help improve conversions and sales.

  • Increased SEO visibility

As recommended before, your website is the perfect place for an explainer video. While your explainer video provides website visitors with pertinent information, it also encourages viewers to stay on your page longer. If people begin to spend more time on your page, Google and other search engines take note of that and will start to rank your website higher in searches, giving your company better visibility online.

Explainer Video
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