Six Effective Ways To Promote Your Video Marketing Content

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Six Effective Ways To Promote Your Video Marketing Content | SmarkLabs

55% of people watch online video content on a daily basis. Suffice it to say that your videos should be central to your marketing strategy. After all, what good is your product if you can’t convince anyone to try it? The way that you market yourself is essential to your success, and to that end, here are six effective ways to promote your video marketing content.

Your Video Thumbnail

Your thumbnail is the window to your video’s content, and much of the reason that your potential customers will click on it. People are most attracted to marketing with people in it, so any excuse to put a person in your thumbnail is usually a good one.

Social Media Campaigns

Once you find the social media platforms that your audience is using most, running a social media campaign is a great way to promote your content. This is especially true if you expect your video to be seen on Facebook. Although Facebook has the most total profiles (1.5 billion and growing), organic content is only shown to around 5% of people who have “liked” a page. An ad campaign gets around the built-in filters that a platform puts up and shows your video to more of your target audience. You will need to put on your negotiating hat to ensure a fair price for a social campaign; however, the benefits of front page access within a top distribution structure can boost your marketing success.

Video in Email

When video and email are combined, there are many possibilities that each cannot accomplish alone. People prefer emails with videos in them, and most people would rather watch a video about a subject than simply read about it. There is also an opportunity to put far more information into a short video than a long email.

Video in Live Events

If you are giving a presentation, one of the best ways to stave off boredom and keep people engaged is by using a video to break up any monotony. Video gives a different perspective and it can also include benefits that a speech cannot.

Pinned Videos

If your Twitter feed is important to your marketing strategy, pinning a video to the top ensures that it will be seen by the most people. Pinning also makes sure that the video will not move down the timeline as you put new content on your Twitter feed. A pinned tweet gets anywhere from 10-20 times the response of a normal tweet, so make sure that your video represents you well before you pin it!

Community Sharing

Sharing your video in relevant online communities is a great way to put interested eyes on your content. Because you know that the people in these niche groups already have an interest in your subject matter, you can be sure they will give you a fair shake. Be warned, however: People with a keen interest in your subject will likely to scrutinize your content if there are any errors, but sometimes this is a good thing. If you are truly an expert, and this comes through in your video, you will earn loyal customers quickly.

The best videos are NOTHING without the right promotion. With competition increasing on a daily basis, anything that you expect to be taken seriously must become a marketing priority as well as a special production. Although there are many ways to promote your video marketing content to the world, the ideas above will get your content out quickly and with the right people. Play with these strategies until you find the ones that work best for you!

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