Why It’s Time to Include Demo Videos in Your List of Sales Enablement Tools

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Why It's Time to Include Demo Videos in Your List of Sales Enablement Tools | SmarkLabs

Type “sales enablement tools” into Google, and you get a whopping 709,000 results. Scroll down the list, and you’ll see a blend of content analytics plugins, sales training tools, sales management applications and much more. Forty percent of companies say they now use sales enablement metrics, and these tools serve various functions: business intelligence, B2B marketing, and lead generation.

Demo videos — visual presentations that showcase your goods and services to prospects — are often overlooked by CEOs and marketers when they search for sales enablement tools, but they can provide you with a huge return on your investment.
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Video Content Works

Countless studies prove that video content captivates clients and is more effective than boring chunks of black-and-white text. Fifty-nine percent of executives would rather watch a video than reading text, according to Forbes. Moreover, a huge 90 percent of all information sent to the brain is visual, and visual information is processed 60,000 times quicker by the brain than text.
Demo videos feed into the growing demand for visual content. They enhance a regular sales presentation with compelling graphics that boost sign-ups and conversions. They highlight design features and draw attention to unique selling points. They inform, entertain and persuade.

Demo Videos Increase Sales

Demo videos accelerate sales. Online retailers that uploaded videos to the bulk of their sales pages experienced higher conversion rates than brands with demo videos on fewer than half of their sales pages, according to research from Liveclicker.
A study from The Web Video Marketing Council showed that 96% of B2Brespondents are engaged in video content marketing, while 73% said that video has positively impacted marketing results. But it’s not just marketing that improves with video – 56% of respondents said that video content positively impacted sales results.

Demo Videos Create Brand Awareness

Explainer videos are a powerful sales enablement tool because they nurture leads, drive interest and increase brand awareness. You can demonstrate the key features of your service to clients, prospects, and investors who might not have heard about your brand and increase the visibility of your company.
Killer demo videos generate buzz about an upcoming service launch and create a visual brand narrative with animation, graphics, and statistical data. Big-name brands have created demo videos that address pain points, introduce service features and alleviate the concerns of potential clients.

Measure Your Audience With Demo Videos

Now you can track who watches your demo videos with powerful analytics. Gather insights into the clients that view your videos and share them on social media, and measure ROI with a click of a button. An introductory video is one of the most important components of your sales funnel: It attracts clients, introduces your services, and encourages sign-ups with a call-to-action. With analytics, you can discover who engages with your content — and when.
Sixty-one percent of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool, and 91 percent of companies say they intend to increase their marketing video spend in 2016. Demo videos, like other types of video marketing, are one of the most lucrative sales enablement tools for companies in a variety of niches. These videos demonstrate your services, boost sales, and grab the attention of clients, so not using them is like leaving money on the table.

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