Reveille: Effective Explainer Videos Eliminate Marketing Budget Waste

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The Challenge

Reveille provides a software platform that sits alongside your existing CSP, ECM or EIM, to track and improve collaboration across the enterprise. Reveille came to SmarkLabs with the need for a series of videos that could help explain a whole host of marketing concepts – who they are, what they do, and most importantly, why an enterprise level company probably needs a service like Reveille. The main challenge came from communicating highly technical solutions to a business decision committee, with an urgent need to get a solution in place within budget.

The Solution

SmarkLabs and Reveille explored many different topics to help explain the core of their business while attempting to make it approachable and exciting. The solution included a unique content production approach that would have videos aligned with marketing goals and prospect questions, hosted throughout their site to add value to their other resources. The first project was an overall explainer video to help prospects understand the value of adding a solution such as Reveille. This helped them have a sales enabler to engage new prospects when they visit the homepage.

Because of the somewhat complex nature of Reveille’s business, metaphors became very important. One useful way of explaining the relationship between Reveille and an ECM such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, or Domo is through security. Your overall CSP might function like someone outside of a house who can alert the fire department if they see a house on fire. But Reveille, which can live inside of your environment, functions like a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher, catching a problem early and potentially preventing the fire altogether. By actually animating this scenario, SmarkLabs was able to provide a visual aid for prospects to remember when going through the sales process.

One way that Reveille’s sales reps like to describe what the software does is that you ask it specific questions and you get back specific answers – this can be found in their tagline, Actionable Insights. Together with their team, we came up with the idea of showing how Reveille functions very similarly to everyone’s new favorite toy – the in-home assistant. By comparing Reveille to a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, we were able to show that Reveille’s capabilities are broad and far-reaching, but manageable and usable through its interface.

The Result

SmarkLabs produced a total of 6 videos that helped educate visitors to Reveille’s website. This eliminated 70+% of marketing budget waste that dramatically lowered lead and customer acquisition costs.

Want to see how your business’ website or social channels can benefit from targeted videos for prospects in different stages of the marketing funnel? Contact us to learn how we can help tell your company’s story strategically through video.

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