A New Partner Portal Grows Channel Sales Program 

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Legend Power Systems is a publicly-traded company with a technology solution that uniquely solves a 100 billion dollar problem in annual waste and risk for commercial buildings. Their intelligent technology sits at the center of the modern commercial building. 

The Legend Power team began looking for a way to help their partners market, sell, and provide service to their clients most effectively. A new web portal would provide a unique opportunity in their market for partners to capitalize on the success of Legend’s technology solutions.


Legend Power leadership began defining new processes and resources to best support their partners. The portal they envisioned would provide new and existing partners access to the latest training, marketing, and product resources. The portal would also need to facilitate an efficient and engaging experience.

Partner management software may have satisfied some aspects they desired, but it would lack customizable features and a fully-branded experience.

As with many new initiatives, technology was just one piece of the puzzle. The Legend Power team wanted to ensure their strategy and implementation processes would best facilitate success for their partners. They engaged SmarkLabs for guidance on defining goals, finding the best solution, and developing an ongoing strategy.


SmarkLabs collaborated with Legend Power and assisted in the development of their partner program goals, strategy, and completion of their custom portal build over a three-month period.

First release highlights:

  • User login and profile functionality with permission-based access to relevant resources. 
  • Organized content management system to populate and update resources 
  • Deal registration automation with connectivity to HubSpot 
  • Fully branded for Legend Power 
  • Custom lead generation app to grade power quality


The adoption of this program by Legend Power’s channel partners was above 90% shortly after its launch.

The overall build was a successful collaboration that required Legend Power and Smarklabs teams to work closely through the organization of content, as many processes continued to be defined alongside the build.

This portal now serves as a key differentiator for prospective partners evaluating new products to resell, as it is a first of its kind in the industry.

Thanks to this collaborative partnership, Legend Power continues to invest in the development of additional portal features that enable the success of its partners.

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