IngeniousIO –  Creative Storytelling That Impacts The Bottom Line

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Customer Background

IngeniousIO is an innovative solutions leader in the AECO (Architecture Engineering Construction and Owner-Operated) space. Their data-driven platform enhances a company’s entire project lifecycle through the use of a cloud-based application. IngeniousIO’s platform elevates efficiency and reduces tech spend by effectively managing operations including business development, project execution, and more! Their goal is to eliminate internal and external fragmentation within the ten-trillion dollar AECO industry. 


1. Raising awareness of their platform. 
They’ve invested thousands of dollars and many years to create a platform that brings value to their end customer. These resources would be wasted without raising considerable awareness of their solution.

2. Promote their offering in an accessible and interesting way.
Their end customer is not likely to read lengthy whitepapers or market research reports, so IngeniousIO must find an alternative way to present their solution. If done effectively, the true decision-makers should be aware that a solution exists in the market that solves persistent issues. 


After doing considerable research on their end customer, IngeniousIO decided that the best medium to communicate their message would be through video. They considered different formats, including demo and customer-centric case studies. Ultimately, through conversations with SmarkLabs, they decided to produce a video that highlighted key product features in a humorous, approachable way. 


SmarkLabs took the lead in writing a script that communicated IngeniousIO’s message, consistent with the goals stated above. Once finalized, SmarkLabs went to IngeniousIO’s office for an all-day shoot. Knowing that the video would be promoted across social media platforms, we collectively made sure that the run time would be less than 60 seconds. We shot multiple takes of each scene to ensure that we had the flexibility to choose the best option during the post-production process.  


IngeniousIO proved to be a valuable creative partner throughout the course of the project by providing the onscreen talent and offering helpful suggestions over the duration of the shoot. By limiting the shoot to a single day, we were able to respect the client’s time while also making sure we had their undivided attention, ensuring the end product shone brightly. Once completed, IngeniousIO charted a path for their video to be promoted primarily on YouTube through the use of paid advertising. 


IngeniousIO allocated roughly $200 a day for promotion on YouTube. Through July 15th, after four weeks of promotion, IngeniousIO has generated tremendous activity from their targeted demographic; they’ve garnered over 475,000 impressions and over 260,000 total views. But that’s not all! The total view rate of the video, meaning those who have watched the entire ad beginning to end, is an astonishing 54%. Since its launch, 41,000 construction professionals viewed the video in its entirety!
While views of the video are nice, ultimately IngeniousIO was hoping to raise their number of inbound leads generated. This month alone, they’ve garnered over 550 click-throughs which leads the viewer to a sign-up form on their website. At this rate, assuming industry standards apply, IngeniousIO has generated 90 new sales qualified leads this month! 
Due to the success of this partnership, SmarkLabs and IngeniousIO plan on partnering together on digital and creative endeavors for the foreseeable future. Click here to learn more about IngeniousIO’s unique, value-driven offering.

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